Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sepia Saturday 227: Saturday 10 May 2014

Well this week's theme is quite easy for me to match in terms of family photos.  I suspect some of you may have seen this one before but I saw it with new eyes this morning realising perhaps for the first time that my maternal grandfather, Thomas McLoughlin,  was sitting on a wicker chair.

Other family photos featuring wicker furniture are from the paternal side of the family.

This is, I suspect, a photo of a photo but it is much loved.  It features my two Aunts and my Uncle.  I only knew my elder Aunt Hazel on the left. My Aunt Trixie (the baby in the chair) died when very young.  That's Uncle Ted on the right and he died well before I was born.

This is their mother, my grandmother, Ethel, sitting at I strongly suspect a wicker table.  I also suspect that she would have embroidered that tablecloth.  I have a few of her tablecloths but I don't think that particular one.  I have posted this before so I really needed to find some "new" old photos.

My Gran did a lot of her travel in her senior years and she got to see all sorts of uses of wicker in her time.  For example, this snake charmer in India has a wicker basket for his snake.

Then I found this most unusual use of a wicker basket - a mountain ride in Madeira apparently.

But, for my money, babies in wicker are best.

Here's my 2nd cousin Douglas - what a cutie!

Picture Queensland sports a couple of cute prams as well.

Infant in a Pram from State Library of Queensland

Two young children playing in an old fashioned prams in the early 1900s
State Library of Queensland

Oh heck, while we're at's a photo of me in wicker....on the Oriana in a manner to which I would like to become more accustomed.

May all mothers in the world get to sit in their favourite chair today and find a moment's peace to read or knit or sew or look through a photo album or just meditate and reflect on life's blessings. May their love for their family weave strong and lasting binds that nourish all who come in contact with them all the days of their lives.  Thank you to my gorgeous and loving step-mother who gave this chair to me. Hugs to you and all the lovely Mums in my life - young and old and not so old.  You know who you are! 

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